We love natural products ….

Here at Fast Grow we love the idea of gardening in a more natural way and we are not really that keen on using artificial chemicals. Our passion for the environment led us to create FAST GROW FERTILISER – a natural fertiliser containing a blend of seaweed and chicken manure. We purposely sell this is a 10 kilo recyclable plastic bag rather than in a plastic bucket. Plastic buckets as we all know is the norm for most fertilisers you get in Garden Centres. However, they are bulky, and actually quite difficult to get rid of. How many people don’t have a stack of buckets in their garden shed?

Here at Fast Grow anyone that knows us will know we don’t do things the same way as others.   By introducing recyclable bags, we have massively reduced waste going to your local landfill. Just make sure they’re clean and put them in your recycling bin.

Job done.

I think you’ll all agree that’s a pretty big reduction in waste.

But that’s not enough. Now we’ve even taken that a massive step further.

We are always trying to look at ways we can help our customers reduce waste and now think we have stumbled on an extremely simple (often times, the simpler it is the more complicated it can actually end up being) new concept for our latest fertiliser product. Our new product is zero waste. This means we don’t produce any packaging at all – essentially we are selling cold pressed liquid seaweed in bulk reusable containers to garden retailers. Customers can then come along with their own containers such as empty milk bottles and fill them up with this wonderful liquid seaweed, take the bottle to the checkout, pay and then apply it to their plants at home – absolutely and completely no waste. Not only that, but rather than throw out existing single use plastic you already have,  you the customer end up actually re-purposing existing single use plastic in your own home to get your own bottle of Fast Grow Zero Waste Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser. We think this is a brilliant concept as we know that gardeners have a natural desire to care for the environment and of course they are also interested in growing great crops – with our new zero waste liquid seaweed they can now do both.