Fast Grow Zero Waste Cold Pressed Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser

Fast Grow Zero Waste Cold Pressed Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser


Liquid Seaweed is well known as a highly effective fertiliser, and our latest product launched in 2019 Fast Grow Zero Waste Cold Pressed Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser is just that.

However, as always here at Fast Grow, we have brought it a step further by addressing what has become a massive issue in just about every sector, and especially in the Gardening industry. As consumers we are all very aware of the damage being done to our environment with the proliferation of single use plastics. However, while many of us are talking about it, no one is doing anything about it. There is no leadership on the issue. At Fast Grow Fertiliser we feel that this is an initiative that must be led by the primary producer. Someone had to lead the way, and who better than FAST GROW FERTILISER.

Hence, our latest product is Fast Grow Zero Waste Cold Pressed Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser. 

The concept is extremely simple. There is no packaging and the main container can be refilled. The retailer chooses how to present it to the customer (in the picture Fast Grow Zero Waste Cold Pressed Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser is presented by the retailer in reusable 1 litre bottles supplied by the retailer free of charge which the customer then keeps to get refilled) and the net result is absolutely nothing goes to landfill.

As a small company Fast Grow Fertiliser is extremely proud to be the first company to address this extremely serious issue and are delighted with the support we have received for this initiative from retailers across the country.

Fast Grow Natural Seaweed Plant Fertiliser

A natural seaweed based plant fertiliser.
Sourced blended, processed and pelleted in Ireland/Northern Ireland. This makes us unique as we are the only brand to actually make our own products.
All other chicken manure proprietary products regardless of brand actually come from the continent (Holland).

> Dig in/ Top Apply/ Mix with Compost.

> Increase yield by up to 40%.

> The best all round 100% natural soil improver on the market.

Fast Grow Natural Chicken Manure Plant Fertiliser

Natural chicken manure based plant fertiliser
At Fast Grow, we are unique as we are the only company on the market in the UK and Ireland that actually source, treat, process and pellet all of our own product locally. All of our ingredients (Chicken manure and seaweed) come from Ireland (North and South).
In addition, there is no other company that blends Chicken Manure and Seaweed putting us further out on our own again. So we really are the only original (and best) brand out there.
We are to my knowledge the only chicken manure processing plant in Ireland or the UK (conveniently placed in both), so we are the only actual UK pelleted chicken manure based product on the market in the UK today.
If you want the best out of your soil, you have to put the best into your soil.