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Having been lucky enough to receive some free samples of FGF I was keen to see the effect it had on my vegetables. I set about trialling it on my Potatoes (container & ground), tomatoes, broccoli and a few other staples. The potatoes were an instant success. The foliage was greener, quicker to appear and in general looked a healthier plant.On my brassicas was where I saw the most difference. Both my broccoli and cabbage responded amazingly to the FG, with both ready to harvest at least 10 days earlier than the ones grown with my normal BFB fertilizer.My one concern with FGF is the re-application, particularly with potatoes you want the fertilizer deep down so I have been also using at as a compost tea. I simply use a net and suspend the FG in a watering can for 10 minutes and water as usual. This compost tea has had particularly good results on my lawn also.

I will certainly be using FGF next year and intend to feed all of my allotment crops with it.

Peter Edwards

Vlogger Pete’s Back Garden”

After previously using a combination of 6 different base dressings for my Dahlias.  This year I have just used blood fish and bone and Fast Grow Fertiliser for the perfect combination of what plants love. Poultry and Seaweed meal.
The plants got a top dressing 6 weeks later of Fast Grow and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

David Gillam

Chairman The National Dahlia Society

Running a YouTube channel and Facebook Group for thousands of gardeners, my content needs to be different and fresh.
Showing different growing techniques is important for my viewers.
I can confirm many times over now, that Fast Grow Fertiliser by far has impressed me most.
Both beautifully presented and priced, this product is an ultimate must in any garden or allotment.

Bill Gardener

Gardener & Vlogger

The Fast Grow Fertiliser story

If you want the best out you have to put the best in!
From our beginnings is 2016 we have grown steadily based purely on the quality and reliability of our products. Put simply our customers love them!

Fast Grow's selling point is the uniqueness and quality of our fertilisers. Made from quality natural ingredients such as seaweed and chicken manure our natural fertilisers give you the results you want.

Customers are now actively looking for our products because of the results achieved by their fellow gardeners.

Join the Fast Grow revolution try our fertilisers and you will see the difference.